Innovate@Planet:Tech - Web Summit 2017

AlwaysBLU is excited to announce that we have been selected by Accenture Strategy as one of 20 world's most impactful environmental & clean tech startups to attend Web Summit 2017.

We are joining a prestigious group of 20 startups at Innovate@Planet:tech selected for innovation in the following: Food Waste, Energy Ecosystem, Circular Economy & Fast Fashion, and Traceability & Resources Security. 

"Food Waste: People are starving, yet we're enormously wasteful - from fishing boats to farms, restaurants to homes. Our treatment of food is dangerous. How can we reduce waste and become more sustainable?"

AlwaysBLU produces carbon-negative plastics and organic fertilizer, from local food waste using technology that decouples the process from the use of non-renewable resources such as oil and gas. We provide the environmentally conscious consumer with a desired product, divert food waste from landfills and decrease atmospheric carbon all within the framework of the circular economy. This process  supports the local economy by using a feedstock sourced locally, upcycled locally into a carbon negative product, that can be retailed locally to the local socially and environmentally conscious consumer.

Imagine.... Local production of carbon-negative plastics from unavoidable food waste. Climate-saving, restorative & regenerative by design.