a great opportunity for a circular economy

We are all very 'efficient' in our lives. We create our stuff from resources we extract, we use our stuff, and when we are done with it and nobody wants our used stuff, we dispose it.  This was and is a very good system... works well for all of us... ok, maybe for some of us, especially if we live in the "first" world.  Many say that if there was a better way, we would have already embraced it. In the end, the market will choose the best option...

As humans we are equal, we have the same basic needs and, deserve the same quality of life and the same bright future for our children. But, there is a challenge, if everybody on Earth would live as good a life as people in developed countries like Canada, we would need more resources....

About 3.7 more Earths to sustain the current system: making stuff, using stuff and disposing of stuff

As far as I know, there are no available planets, not even one to make this happen. Not to mention where would we dispose of all that stuff we don't want anymore?

Within the next 50 years there will be more of us, around 9 billion based on current trends, and we would like to ensure the same high quality of life for every person on Earth, most likely even better quality of life than the one we have today in Canada.

Embrace the circular economy

An economy where we constantly keep our resources in circulation and perpetually add and extract value from them. This is the simplest way to ensure that we have enough resources for everyone, and everyone can have access to all that wonderful stuff we, here in Canada are so used to.


There are many of resources that explain the benefits and demonstrate how a circular economy works, I will give you one example, an AlwaysBLU example.

The AlwaysBLU way to embrace the circular economy is to give perpetual life to atmospheric carbon dioxide embedded in food waste in the form of Carbon-Negative Plastics  

The approach is very straight forward: let's recover as much of good stuff from food waste, use part of the stuff we recover to locally grow more food and part of the stuff we recover to create Carbon-Negative Plastics. Truly GREEN PLASTICS! Plastics made without air pollution, GHG emissions and freshwater.  Plastics that will be locally made for locally manufactured stuff that can be infinitely reused and recycled into more stuff. And considering that most of the recovered good stuff that makes our plastics is atmospheric carbon...

we will help our planet to “keep its cool” by removing carbon dioxide from our atmosphere

All right, simple, so why nobody is doing it? That will be the subject for another post.

Imagine if we would approach everything we do, the same way AlwaysBLU will create Carbon-Negative Plastics and help to grow local food. We wouldn't need another planet to have enough resources for all humanity to live a better life.

If you like our story, we are looking for any help to accelerate our vision and bring it to reality, before some of us will need to go to Mars (not a particularity green planet) with Elon Musk... because we used up all the resources on Earth.