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Creating a better future with carbon-negative Plastics



Why Carbon-Negative Plastics?

At AlwaysBLU our vision of carbon-negative plastics for all aspects of life is inspired by two significant problems facing society today.

Globally we produce, use and discard a lot of plastics.

Traditionally produced plastic is one of the most common and abundant man-made materials on earth. Modern life is unthinkable without it. We love it because it is lightweight, durable and easy to use. At the same time, plastics are a problem. Their production originates with fossil fuel extraction and processing, produces significant GHG emissions and contributes to air pollution. Plastics are effortlessly discarded in landfills and significantly contribute to ocean and freshwater pollution.

As traditionally produced plastics are increasingly recognized as dirty and environmentally unsound, more and more companies and consumers are seeking a cleaner, better option. Currently available substitutes, such as bio-plastics, may be good for single use items, however, they don't meet the required reliability and durability criteria for perpetually used products. This challenge can be solved if we could produce hydrogen and carbon based plastics without the use of polluting feedstocks and processes.

Food waste is a world-wide problem.

Globally, at least one third of all produced food is lost or discarded in food production, transportation, retailing and consumption systems. In North America organic waste forms the second highest component of landfills. Diversion of organic waste from landfills is an increasingly desirable solution and, let’s face it, composting is the least effective way of creating value from waste. Power generation by incineration of food waste or by combustion of biogas from food waste is not much better.

Imagine plastics created from food waste.

We can produce all the plastics we need by using diverted waste biomass without the need to extract and process GHG intensive fossil fuels. We can produce hydrocarbon based plastics which can seamlessly displace traditionally made plastics and continue to meet the technical criteria for advanced materials. All the plastics we make can be perpetually reused, diverted from the landfill, and never burned for energy nor down-cycled.

A better future with carbon-negative plastics.

At AlwaysBLU we imagine a future where carbon-negative plastics are the material of choice for all aspects of life. Carbon-negative plastics that are made without air pollution, without use of fossil fuels, that are constantly re-used and perpetually recycled. Plastics that are lightweight, reliable, durable, and extremely easy to use using today's technologies and manufacturing processes. Plastics that with time will cease to be manufactured as they will be 100% reused.

Carbon negative plastics

Permanently sequester greenhouse gasses.

Divert waste from landfills

Are a drop-in replacement for traditional fossil fuel based plastics.  

Are made from abundant low cost renewable feedstock.

Require zero additional land and minimal water use.

Are locally produced, locally used and create local jobs.

Promote perpetual reuse and recycling without down-cycling.

Children are our Future


Carbon-negative plastics are green.


They are part of the solution to our current environmental crisis. Carbon-Negative plastics will strengthen our path to future prosperity and will enhance quality of life for generations to come.